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Artitec offers one of the most detailed and realistic collection of models that we have come across in recent memory. Modelers will appreciate the accuracy and authentic feel of Artitec's vast assortment of military and civilian vehicles, rolling stock, structures, figures and accessories.

Military vehicles are available both as kits and fully assembled models. Fully assembled models, called 'ready-made' are all assembled and painted by hand at Artitec. Hand painted models offer an additional advantage as each model's camouflage and paint scheme will vary slightly, just like in real life! The military line of products offers personnel carriers, tanks, transports, motorcycles and more. Artitec also offers specialized rolling stock for transport of military vehicles and its line of UN vehicles.

Artitec was also the first company to offer a complete range of HO scale boats and ships, including submarines!

Artitec Catalogs
Artitec 1:72

Artitec HO Trains

Artitec HO Military

Artitec HO Misc.

Artitec N Scale

Artitec N Scale Military

Artitec TT Scale

Artitec Z-Gauge

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