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Jul 27, 2012
Both Roco and Fleischmann Fall 2012 New Items Now Posted

Jan 20, 2009

Jun 13, 2008
MBZ now offering laser cut structures in all scales.

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Thank you for supporting our Roco Authorized Dealers.

What Are The Advantages of Buying From a Roco Authorized Dealer?

Roco products are known all over the world as high quality Model Trains and Miniature models. The Roco brand has been in business for over 40 years. As the exclusive US importer Roman and Co. is committed with helping our authorized dealers with all their Roco needs. Customers purchasing Roco products from our Authorized dealer network are guaranteed a fully supported product and extended two year warranty.  When purchasing Roco products please look for the Roco Authorized Dealer Logo.  To verify if a dealer is an Authorized Roco dealer please call us toll free at 1-888-ROCO USA. 

  • Authorized Roco Dealers can supply their customers with Roco products quickly, no long delays like purchasing from overseas dealers.  They can use our warehouse as their own warehouse to supply their customers with every item in the Roco product line. Roman and Company stocks the complete Roco product line, so dealers are just a phone call away from supplying their customers quickly and efficiently.  Most importantly Authorized Dealers now have the ability to acquire Roco spare parts which is extremely important when supporting a product line! Why purchase a product if you can't get parts.
  • Authorized Roco dealers can offer their customers a full two year warranty against manufacture defects. Gray Market Roco merchandise, older used Roco items or Roco purchased from overseas stores will not be covered under our two year warranty.
  • Authorized Roco dealers will be able to offer their customers a free DC to AC wheel exchange program. This program is for new merchandise only. This is a great program for customers that run Marklin to get free AC wheels.
  • Authorized Roco dealers will have access to all the Roco graphics, advertising materials and technical information so they can easily keep their websites updated and their customers informed.
  • Authorized Roco dealers will automatically qualify for the customer referral program. Customers will be referred to the nearest Roco dealer. If no dealer is located in your State customers will be able to choose a dealer from our dealer locator which will be posted in Spring of 2007
  • Roman and Co. advertises Roco products in many trade publications and at many trade shows giving Roco products a great deal of exposure which also benefits the dealers.
  • Authorized Roco dealers are able to offer all their customers catalogs, posters, Roco bags, stickers, buttons and all promotional material. 
  • Authorized Roco dealers are able to contact us with any technical problem or technical questions their customers may have. Roman and Co. has a very old and good relationship with the factory and they are more than anxious in helping us with all our needs. 

Have You Ever Thought of Becoming An Authorized Roco Dealer?  Click Here to Find Out How...