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Model #10092 - Riteway HO T-Clamping Tool Set (2-Clamps)  


Product Features and Details

The Rite-Way clamp helps modelers overcome some of the more challenging aspects of building model structures. Parts are held in place at perfect 90° degree angles while enthusiasts tend to more enjoyable aspects of their hobby.


·        All Rite-Way Clamps come in packs of 2.

·        T-Clamp is ideal for gluing walls to a base that form a T-intersection.

·        Clamps hold parts in place for easy application of adhesives.

·        Perfect alignment of parts at 90 degree angles.

·        Magnets auto-adjust tool for varying material thicknesses.

·        Clamps slide freely while still holding parts; no tool adjustment needed.

·        Clear acrylic for clear visibility of  parts.

·        Compact design, available in several scales, ideal for use in compact model spaces.

·        No large bases to hold structures needed; ideal for gluing tall buildings.

·        Integrated access windows for easily applying adhesives.

·        Simple material loading using stabilizer base.

·        No "Twisting Action" unlike C-Clamps.

·        Approximately 14 lbs of magnetic force.


Also see the Rite-Way 90 degree corner clamps, part number 10090.

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