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Model #10735 - Roco Mini decoder for H0e/ N  

System Year
HO/DC 2007

Product Features and Details

We supply small digital decoders for the diminutive Hoe and N locomotives with plug strips into which the six-pin NEM-651 type interface fits. It understands the DCC system language (14/28/128 speed levels), but can be operated with conventional analog transformers. Identification takes place automatically. The factory setting for the motor control is 16kHz pulse frequency; hence the little decoder also matches locomotives with Faulhaber*8 motors. The F4 key enables the switching speed. Minimum, average and top speed can be set separately. The maximum motor current is 0.7 A; the two light outputs can each be loaded with up to 150 mA and the motor and light outputs are short-circuit proof. By the way: The small decoder even understands the Motorola *2 system language (1&II). Including the plug strip. Dimensions are 13.4x8.8x3.3mm.

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