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Model #10772 - Roco Route Control Keyboard  


Product Features and Details

This handy, elegant device is an efficient signal box for turnouts, signals, uncouplers and even turnout combinations. On the big, three-digit display the currently accessed turnout can be read clearly and at the same time the two colored LEDs indicated the stored turnout position in red or green. Up to 256 solenoid accessories can be addressed, provided one uses a digital system with the multiMAUS or the Lokmaus 2/3. Besides, various turnouts can be grouped together to form a prototypical route and then be input into the RouteControl. The memory provided for this has sufficient capacity for atotal of 32 routes with a total of up to 119 solenoid accessories. Users of the older Lokmaus 1 can still address 128 solenoid accessories; an appropriate adapter cable with a matching round plug are included with the RouteControl. The dimension of the RouteControl are 60x160x25mm.

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