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Model #10881 - Roco Multi-Protocol Decoder 22-pin Plux  

System Year
HO 2010

Product Features and Details

Automatic recognition of DCC, Marklin Motorola and analog DC or AC operation. Max. motor current: 1800 mA. Two outputs and seven additional (AUX) function outputs. Light and AUX connections can be dimmed separately. Blinking operation with lead time control. Setting of magnetic coupling with high starting power but low holding power. Repetitive uncoupling can also be set. Three phase smoke generator (Power phases: start/normal/idle running). For short addresses (1-127) and long addresses (128-9999). With characteristic three point line and alternative line diagram. Mass simulation can be switched off. Shunting gear is switchable. Adjustable frequency drives: 100 Hz/ 15-22 kHz. Function Mapping of all possible functions. Immediate recognition fo over current + short circuit=> automatic switch off. Immediate recognition of train braking distances.

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