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Model #40410 - Roco Digital coupling installation kit  

System Year
HO 2009

Product Features and Details

The set consists of 1xMultiprotocol-Special-Decoder for AC and DC and 2x connectors. The connectors will only work properly if used with this decoder, the use of decoder of different brands or manufacture can lead to damaging the connectors permanently. It is a 8 prong interface in accordance with NEM 652. Automatic electricity conduct recognition Motorola/DCC or analog direct current/alternating current. Automatic driving setting recognition 14/28/128 settings. Load regulation, maximum motor current 1100 mA. 4x ports for functions each at 250 mA;max 500 mA. Train switching programmable to key F3. Deactivation of acceleration and breaking relays with key F4. All ports are surge protected. Dimensions: 23.5x15.5x5.5mm.

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