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Model #40500 - Roco AC Pick-up Shoe  

System Dimensions Year
HO/AC 42mm 2006

Product Features and Details

AC current pickup wipers

The new AC wiper by Roco

"Nothing is so good that it couldn't be improved." That is what our engineers were thinking when they decided to take a closer look at the Roco AC current pickup wiper. The result of this examination is the new AC wiper by Roco. By removing all plastic parts from the wiper assembly, a simplified construction could be achieved, while at the same time maintaining the high contactivity and whisper-silence we are accustomed to. The wiper mounting points are identical to the previous wiper version (40064) so replacing wipers is simple and quick. The new wiper construction substantially reduces sparking and therefore wear and tear. The new AC pickup wiper, together with the proven Roco drive concept (five-pole skew wound armature and dynamically balanced flywheel together with a smooth-running transmission) is a real acoustic achievement: there is almost nothing to hear. The improved wiper geometry allows the new wiper to meet the requirements of middle conductor tracks even more precisely, providing stable conectivity even in the most difficult sections of the track layout.

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