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Model #41308 - Roco Digital Starter Set Rh 93  

System Country Era Railway Year
HO/DC Austria III ÖBB 2010

Product Features and Details

Contents/functions: One steam locomotive type Rh93 with SAUGLUT sound absorbers, three 2nd class passenger wagons with different running numbers and one 2nd class semi luggage wagon. Roco geoLine track oval A with 14x straight tracks G200, 1x pre-installed feed in element, 12x curved tracks R3 (434,5mm). One multiZentrale Pro one multiMouse pro. The multiMouse pro offers a greater flexibility through wireless communication and does not depend on the length of cables anymore. Operation advantages: Double traction, driving direction control, 9999 programmable locomotive addresses, 1024 track switches or magnetic articles, single hand operation, easy-to-read display, adjustable backlight. Further information can be found in the main ROCO catalog 2009/2010 on pages 290/291.

Now comes with 120v transformer. 240v transformer available upon request when ordering.

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