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Model #62587 - Roco Electric Locomotive Rh 1042.0 of the ÖBB  

System Country Era Railway Dimensions Year
HO/DC Austria IV ÖBB 186mm Fall 2010

Product Features and Details

Prototype: Electric locomotive series 1042.0 of the Austrian Railways (ÖBB). Wheel arrangement Bo'Bo'. Operation condition of the 1980's.

Unreserved service for passenger and goods trains.

Model of the Rh 1042.37. This locomotive belonged to the first series of 40 delivered locomotives. Main differences to locomotives of later series are the completely different roof equipment with scissor pantographs, the single tail light on the front as well as the two lower lamps which are fitted 10cm higher in comparison to the later series. Triple headlights and 2 red tail lights. Overall length: 186mm.

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