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Model #63314 - Roco Steam Locomotive Rh 310 in Green  

System Country Era Railway Dimensions Year
HO/DC Austria II BBÖ 248mm 2008

Product Features and Details

ROCO SPECIAL CLUB MEMBER LOCOMOTIVE. This model is very rare in Europe it is actually only offered to Roco club members. We are lucky to be able to get a small amount of these exquisite locomotives. Order quickly because they will sell out fast!!!

Prototype: This 310 class locomotive is most likely one of the most exotic steam locomotives ever designed. In 1908 Kaiser Franz Josef commissioned Karl Gölsdorf to built a new express locomotive to pull his Royal Court train and to haul Austrian express trains. The locomotive had to be powerful and fast. Karl Gölsdorf met the challenge and delivered the 310 class. The 310 Class steam locomotive was exquisite; it featured very large drivers, powerful pistons and smooth lines. Karl Gölsdorf was the most accomplished Austrian locomotive designer. He designed many famous locomotives like the 180, 210, 310, 380, 470 etc. His designs had some unique characteristics like long slanted boilers and golden domes. The 310 was such a success that many more were built. This locomotive was so popular that they were placed in service to also pull the famous "Orient Express" across Europe.

Model: Roco's new model will be amazing, Its large drivers and 2-6-4 wheel arrangement are truly unique. This new model of the 310 has a Five-pole motor with diagonal dynamically balanced rotor. Model also has all wheel drive. Both the locomotive and tender are driven. Roco will also use the finest metal spoke wheels with prototypically low wheel flanges. Other features include 8 pin DCC interface, extensive Latticework, view-through frame, boiler with separately mounted details, era-typical modifications (e.g. vacuum brakes). Opening smokebox door and driver's cab furnishings. Locomotive-tender close coupled, close-coupling kinematics on tender. Prepared for installation of Seuthe smoke unit no. 10. Minimum radius: R3.

  • NEM Finescale wheels
  • Latticework view-through frame
  • Boiler with separately mounted details
  • Prototype-based driver's cab furnishings
  • NEM interface
  • Smokebox door opens

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