About Us

Roman & Company is a wholesale business that provides dealers with the finest products the scale-modeling world has to offer. We have been serving enthusiasts since 1993 with a primary focus in model railroading and have since expanded our offering to serve a more broader range of interests. As we continue to grow in the coming years, Roman & Company will continuously add manufacturers and unique products. If you are looking to offer your customers with the newest and most exciting products of our trade, look no further than Roman & Company.

When we first started out business, we focused exclusively on the complete line of trains and Minitanks from Roco. Over time we began to acknowledge that modelers were seeking more variety, increased diversification of models, and leaps forward in realism. In an effort to better serve these hobbyists, Roman & Company now provides dealers with everything including vehicles (trains, rolling stock, cars, tanks), landscapes (flora and fauna), structures, figures, accessories, and much more. We also carry new modeling tools, some of which we even invented ourselves.

In 2003 Roman & Company developed the online ordering system for dealers. The software is installed on dealers’ computers and is used as a purchasing system that allows orders to be submitted at any time. Our shipping department then expedites the orders of in-stock items the following business day. Our RoCo.com website also serves as a great reference tool for viewing the entire product lines of the brands we carry.

In 2006 Roman & Company added MBZ to our line of products. MBZ structures are truly the pinnacle in accuracy and realism that can be found in model building sets. The kits are developed with the use of extremely high quality digital graphics of existing structures that are uploaded to a special software program. The images are burned onto a sturdy architectural cardboard material and everything picked up by the lens is reproduced in the model. Every brick, rock, crack, and tile can be seen and felt in the final model. Plastic and wood model kits are unable to produce this level of detail.

In order to provide dealers with the best landscape products for modelers, we began to carry Noch in 2009.  Their products help modelers add the extra bit of realism and details to their landscapes, from rural to urban environments, forests to mountain ranges, and regardless of season. Modelers that are looking for unique terrains and special flora and fauna for their scenery will find it with Noch.

In 2011 we started carrying Proses for their line of unique model railroad tools and accessories. These products are available in HO, N, G, and O gauge. Creating the perfect offset between two curving tracks is made easy with their adjustable Parallel Track Tool. Another useful tool is the Flexible Track Holder when working with curvy rails. For modelers adhering ballast to their tracks, check out the innovative adjustable Ballast Spreader and the Ballast Gluer.

In 2011 we also invented the Rite-way clamping systems for hobbyists. As modelers ourselves, we understand that having the right tools of the trade can make a significant difference.  Available for O Gauge, HO, N, and Z scale structures, the Rite-Way clamping system provides a fast and easy way to hold two parts together at perfect 90 degree angles.

Most recently in 2014 we added Artitec. Artitec offers one of the most detailed and realistic collection of models that we have come across in recent memory. Modelers will appreciate the accuracy and authentic feel of Artitec's vast assortment of military and civilian vehicles, rolling stock, structures, figures and accessories. Vehicles are available both as kits and fully assembled models. Fully assembled models, called 'ready-made' are all assembled and painted by hand at Artitec. Hand painted models offer an additional advantage as each model's camouflage and paint scheme will vary slightly, just like in real life!

We are continuously growing our business and strengthening relationships with our customers and dealers. Check back often for future additions to our product line.