US M10A1 Tank Destroyer

US M10A1 Tank Destroyer
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Model: Artitec's 387.233 1/87 scale M10A1 is fully assembled and painted US Army/Navy (AN) 319 Olive Drab. All the new Artitec finished models are highly detailed works of art. They are all hand painted and finished using the highest quality resin, plastic and metal parts. Add a few to your collection today before they are sold out. Models are made in small production runs so don't delay in ordering.

Prototype: The 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage M10, or M10 Wolverine, was the first and most numerous American tank destroyer of the Second World War. After observing the success of Panzer breakthrough tactics during the 1940 Blitzkrieg in France, American military planners decided that a tank destroyer was needed to counter German Panzer units; American planners believed the role of tanks was solely for infantry support, thus the need for a separate tank destroyer force. After experimenting with antitank guns mounted on trucks and half-tracks, it was decided in early 1942 that an antitank gun mounted in a fully-rotating turret on a tracked chassis was needed. The M10 was born by mounting a 3-inch (76.2 mm) Gun M7 in a turret on the hull of an M4 Sherman tank. The M10’s primary gun could penetrate 92 mm of armor sloped at 30° from roughly 1,000 m. A .50 cal. Browning machine gun was mounted on top of the rear of the turret for antiaircraft defense. Protection was minimal as its developers focused on hitting power and speed and it had less armor than the Sherman. The top of the turret was open, making the crew vulnerable to overhead fire and shrapnel. The M10 was initially successful in North Africa and Italy but it proved ineffective against Panthers and Tigers in Western Europe, to which it was highly vulnerable. It was replaced beginning in 1944 with faster and more heavily armed and armored tank destroyers such as the M18 Hellcat and the M36 Jackson. Over 6,400 M10s were produced during the war.

PLEASE NOTE: These models are all handmade and painted which makes every one unique. This means the paint patterns may vary a little and the detail parts like sandbags, turret tracks, antennas, etc. may also be arranged differently. This was also the case in real life. These models are very prototypical.

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