NSU Supermax

NSU Supermax
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The detailed models are fitted with real rubber tires and intricately painted by hand. The models are finely detailed and suitable for collectors, and nostalgic model railroaders alike.

The original: The NSU Max was one of the most popular 250cc motorcycles of the 1950s and 1960s. The official designation was: NSU 251 OSB. The abbreviation OSB was the acronym for the top controlled; sport; engine block. The number 251 gave information on the engine capacity and number of cylinders (251 = 250 cc, 1 cylinder). It was made ??from 1952 to 1963 by the NSU in Neckarsulm plants. Were built 97 120 pieces. The Standardmax 1954 referred only after the appearance of the Spezialmax so. Prior to the designation was simply Max To circumvent the high import duty for 250 cc motorcycles in Austria, 1955/56, specifically for export to Austria to run 301 was OSB with 297 cc capacity built (2756 pieces). It provided 15.4 kW (21 hp) at 6600/min. In Germany, this version was not officially sold. The sales outlook would have been only slight, because the advantage of the higher engine output stood as disadvantages a higher road tax and most of all the fact countered that the 300 Max was not allowed to be driven with the then popular license for category 4. This was limited to vehicles up to 250 cm ³. Completely new to the NSU Max was the so-called Ultramax control the overhead camshaft of the single-cylinder engine, ie, the camshaft was driven by two push rods and not by a chain or a vertical shaft. This construction of chief designer Albert Roder was maintained later in the Superfox, the MAXI and the two-cylinder engine of the small car the NSU Prinz.