Jawa 350 Automatic

Jawa 350 Automatic
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The detailed models are fitted with real rubber tires and intricately painted by hand. The models are finely detailed and suitable for collectors, and nostalgic model railroaders alike.

The Original: ".. The world sensation was in September 1946 at the Paris Auto Salon This motorcycle was ahead of the competition by at least five years and was awarded a gold medal, first as JAWA type 10 indicates, it was in the aftermath as" Perak "(the Springer), because of the new rear suspension known. In 1948 the first series 350s under the designation Type 12, in the same frame on the market. was built by the third largest pre-war Czechoslovak producers "OGAR" and therefore bore the name "jawa OGAR". The work was however incorporated into the JAWA-Werke in 1948, so that accounted for the epithet. After minor changes began in 1950, the Jawa 250 type 11 (see photo) and the Jawa 350 Type 18 These motorcycles were built until 1956. Overall, 180,000 motorcycles were this famous JAWA types ausgeliefert.Mit the early fifties also rose again the demand for more powerful bikes From 1950, therefore, was the production of a vehicle with 500 cc -.. four-stroke two-cylinder OHC prepared with vertical shaft drive The serial production began in 1952 with the Type 15 / 00 In 1953, the motorcycle with improved engine, larger hub and from 1956 was produced with a bench., the engine power was at last on 28 hp and the top speed was 147 km / h with a vehicle weight of 174 kg. 1958 left the last 500 OHC the Line of JAWA."