Sheep pasture

Sheep pasture
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 Expected release: October 2010These innovative Scenery Sets contain everything you need to create a special topic. You can be sure that you will get all the products you need for modelling Í and at a more favourable price than by buying them individually. Note: The Scenery Sets are NOCH items which are available in 2010 only at selected NOCH dealers. A corresponding dealer list will be presented on our homepage in.Natur+ Meadow »Spring«, 8.66 x 7.86 in. (ref. 07402) + 10 grass tufts, 60 grass tufts »Spring«; NOCH Figure Set »Shepherd and Sheep« (ref. 15750, 11 figures); Rock Boulders »Rhön«, 250 g (ref. 09224)