Winery Hauser-Bühler

Winery Hauser-Bühler
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Content: Main Building (kit) servants' quarters (kit) 24 vines 1x Figure Set »winegrowers' Special Adhesive 

Laser-Cut Kit winery "Hauser-Buhler" The "ideal world" in the model, which could be more suitable than a winery? The grapes ripen in a prime location on the vines, the winery controls them lovingly and knows every variety. The result is high-quality wine. All natural and very "organic" - without additives. In the evening you can then finish off the work day like once in the wine bar. Here the world is still in order. The estate consists of a main building and a servant's house. 24 vines and Figure Set »Wine peasants" are included in the kit for the design of the winery. Detailed instructions and special glue are included.

The model is modeled in Bickensohl the Emperor chair the winery "Hauser-Buhler." The main building houses next to processing and storage areas for wine and living rooms and a small wine bar. The guest operating ranges in addition self-produced wines and matching food. The beautiful half-timbered building fits perfectly in rural environments.

Servants' quarters are often found on large farms. In the buildings formerly stayed the maids and servants. The laser-cut kit estate "Hauser-Bühler," consists of the main building and the servants' quarters. In addition, 24 vines and Figure Set »Wine peasants" are included. Instructions and appropriate special glue are included.