DVD Guide Creative Layout

DVD Guide Creative Layout
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Manufacturer: Noch
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 Pre-formed creative layouts are a totally new model landscaping idea from NOCH. A creative layout encourages the user to create and decorate the landscape imaginatively Í by just being creative. The creative layout is a stable, three-dimensional pre-formed transparent plastic landscape. This pre-formed transparent plastic landscape provides the basic form of the layout and the track course of the track route line. The complete structuring of the landscape is entirely up to your imagination. Besides the two bridges the creative layout of course includes all plans and instructions you will need for the structuring and assembly of the layout. All track plans of the bestselling track systems as well as a stock list for all required materials are included. In order to make the creative work as easy as possible, the pre-formed creative layout includes a DVD Guide demonstrating the complete structuring and assembly step by step. The DVD Guide «Creative Layout» is also available separately and can be ordered with item ref. 71924.