2 pcs Illuminated Rooms w/flat TVs News & Sports (HO/OO kit)

2 pcs Illuminated Rooms w/flat TVs News & Sports (HO/OO kit)
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Kit comes with two HO Laser cut Illuminated Decorated Rooms with Flat screen tv's. With this laser-cut kit, you can make 2 rooms with your choices from 10 different carpets, 74 classic and modern paintings and 16 door types. Additionally you'll have an illuminated flat screen TV set in the rooms. You can make 2 rooms in less than half an hour. Your kit comes with printed walls and floors, 4 LEDs to illuminate your rooms (2 for ceiling 2 for TV) and 2 illuminated flat screen TVs. We used diapositives, not prints to get the maximum resolution for TV images. Fix the walls and floor with a strong glue. Cut the doors, paintings and carpets and fix with a liquid glue like UHU. Assemble the ceiling at the end and power the TV sets with a 12-17 V AC or DC power supply.