H0 Rail Tamping Leonhard Weiss, functional model for three-wire systems

H0 Rail Tamping Leonhard Weiss, functional model for three-wire systems
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The Leonhard Weiss Group is a nationally active full-range supplier for construction with approximately 3,100 employees. The 110 years old company headquartered in Göppingen is very traditional and follows the guiding principle? Experience joy of building?. Construction train for gravel processing of Plasser & Theurer. Fully functional precision model for the prototypical use in Eisenbahnbau.Mit electric drive, ride directional three headlights and red tail lights, yellow flashing warning lights and white work space lighting in work, with integrated sound module for various operating noise. RailCom-enabled digital decoder for DCC / MM and analog operation. Various functions of the tamping unit switchable. All lights are maintenance-free LEDs. While cruising the train like an ordinary locomotive, thanks to its high-performance compact drive silky smooth forward or backward. In the working mode of the train with speed of operation and ongoing stuffing unit moves in the working direction. Functions in analog mode: Driving, working mode, sound (with volume control). Close-coupling kinematics with NEM for clutches, clutch dummies and included clutch system. Function model for two-pipe system. Length over buffers: 265 mm. Dimensions: 26 x 3.5 x 4.8 cm.

Functional Overview

  • Digital mode and analog mode
  • Driving mode forward / backward
  • Working mode with fully functional stop fineness Three headlights / tail lights with alternating direction of travel
  • Hazard warning lights can be controlled digitally
  • Work light can be controlled digitally
  • Sound: operation-dependent noise and whistle, adjustable volume
  • RailCom