Road Rail Unimog for Catenary Building/Maintenance 2L

Road Rail Unimog for Catenary Building/Maintenance 2L
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Road rail Unimog with push/pull-frame and low side car for catenary building/maintenance 2L

The third functional model in the Viessmann Rail Motion-line after the Tamping machine and Robel is a new construction. The Unimog is an allrounder on the railway, pulls a vehicle for catenary maintenance. Drive unit which is similar to the Robel is built into the low side car.

Technical functions: In slow movement, in operation with sound, under digital and analog operation the Unimog is all convincing. Including drive unit and direction depending headlight. Equipped with sound for many operations. The decoder is a multiprotocol-type supporting DCC, MM and analog AC-/DC-operation, RailCom capable. Functions by analog mode: Driving, sound, lights.

Functions: Digital and analogous driving mode forward / backward Direction depending headlight Digitally switchable sound according to operation RailCom. Lob: 23 x W 3,8 x H 3 cm.