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Digital command station for the data-formats of Marklin-Motorola old and new and of NMRA-DCC
  • control of locomotives and accessories in the full range of the particular digital formant
  • multiple traction
  • two speed-control knobs with two direction-buttons each
  • analogous "navigator"- like a joystick
  • control of up to 8 functions for each signal or operational model
  • feed back with s88 and th new fast Viessmann-"Speedbus" (Hbus)
  • coloured track diagram in three zoom steps
  • coloured representation of switch positions and signal aspects
  • coloured indication of programmed switched routes (yellow) and occupied track sections (red)
  • train identification number shown on the track diagram
  • time table operation, control of blocks and shuttle trains, internal clock can be set to real or model time
  • connection to a PC possible by USB 2.0, terminal for a programming-track, integrated booster