O Scale Laser Cut Grasselli Interlocking Tower

O Scale Laser Cut Grasselli Interlocking Tower
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Picture Shows Two Different ways the "Grasselli" tower was painted. Price is for one kit.

Prototype: One of the last working interlocking towers in the Chicago land area was decommissioned in the late part of 2007. Grasselli Tower is located in East Chicago, Indiana and once controlled the interlocking for the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern (EJ&E), the Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB), and the B&O Chicago Terminal (B&OCT). One of the "lesser known" towers, it was long overshadowed by its bigger sister a mile north - Calumet Tower (which at this writing is still operational).

Grasselli Tower is a two story wooden structure that measures approximately 12' x 35' and consists of a 68 lever mechanical interlocking plant. Most of the levers remain, but a few were removed in recent years to make room for a new heating system. It is currently sitting along a very busy portion of the IHB's mainline and the railroad wants it moved as quickly as possible.

Research has uncovered a few details about Grasselli Tower. Grasselli may have been built as early as 1906, but is confirmed to have been in place by at least 1916. A track diagram from 1916 for the interlocking plant shows that it was originally called RA Tower. The name "Grasselli" came from a long-gone chemical plant located near the tower that was served by the IHB.

Most manually controlled railroad towers in the United States have been closed and demolished. There is a glimmer of hope for Grasselli - the IHB has donated the tower to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson, Indiana. The museum intends to move the interlocking tower to the museum grounds. Unfortunately, IHB has given HVRM a very short timeframe to get the tower moved. The museum must act quickly in order to save Grasselli and we need your help!

Model: The "Grasselli" tower is a precision cut laser structure which offers a level of realism rarely seen in HO scaled buildings on the market today. What separates our structures from other laser kits on the market is our engraving process. We don’t just use the laser to cut our parts we actually engrave our parts. The engraving gives the model that realistic grain texture. The engraving process adds the ultimate detail. from the 2-ply plywood individual steps to the interlocking chimney component, all pieces are designed with the latest in CADCAM software to allow for exceptional fit and finish on the model. Assembly has been enhanced with a complete and thorough 8 page manual that will guide you from start to finish during the building process.

To ensure that the model was engineered and manufactured to exact specifications, we commissioned a renowned artist and model builder to build and paint several of the Grasselli Tower buildings. Our artist stated that, " The design and finish of this model is superior to HO scaled buildings he built in the past."

We recommend using UHU glue and MBZ paints for the best results.

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