1/72 or 1/87 Scale Wooden German Military Crates, 2 per pack.

1/72 or 1/87 Scale Wooden German Military Crates, 2 per pack.
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System HO
Year 2012
Country Germany

Over the years we have seen lots of crates for the modeling industry. Plastic & resin boxes, paper boxes and even boxes made of wood. But nothing compares to our latest line of boxes. These boxes not only look spectacular, but the engineering and fit and finish of the final product put them in a class all by themselves. When looked at under a magnifying glass, you can see that the lines or cracks in the wood are actually put there by the laser engraving process. This process along with the natural wood grain makes for an exceptional looking crate to add even more realism to your layout.




          A couple of benefits of these crates over the many styles available on the market are spelled out below. First of all these boxes are made out of a two-ply aircraft grade plywood made from Birch trees out of Finland. This material provides the realistic wood grain appearance and overall strength and durability you would expect from this material. The method of manufacturing is accomplished by using the latest in CNC controlled laser system. With tolerances of +/- .002 on the cutting point, these components fit like a glove.


When assembling small models like this it is very tedious and sometimes very time consuming. There are two built in features to these boxes that no one else offers to make assembling a breeze. The internal skeleton does two things. One it supports the front, back and side panels during assembly to prevent them from falling over when you are trying to glue the box together.

The second function that it performs is to add rigidity to the complete box when it is all assembled.




 PN 35001 - Internal Skeleton


The second feature is the assembly ring. This simple component will hold the four sides of the box together while you glue the top and bottom panels in place. No more falling down “House of Cards” effect during building! This assembly ring then can also be used to spin the box around as you assemble the other parts in the kit and it lessens the amount of finger prints that you can sometimes put on a model. This thin plywood will easily soak up the oil from the tips of your fingers.



PN 35001 – Assembly Ring

A third and final benefit of our crates is they can be assembled with the engraving on the inside. This will allow the custom builders to paint and decal as they see fit. Perfect if you are trying to get a period correct diorama. 

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Coming Soon - HO sized pallets

HO shipping crates




New products will be introduced in various scale sizes, including 1:32, 1:35, 1:72 and 1:87


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